Father Hustler must save his little sheeps in his holy room!

Only Father Huslter can survive in the dangerous evil poison. His lambs can only survive in Father Hustlers holy room. So take your sheeps, bring them to your holy room and protect them from the evil forces.


  • E: Call over your sheeps
  • Q: Place your sheeps
  • Space: Build or replace your holy room
  • WASD: Move around
  • Mouse-Left: Throw holy water
  • Mouse: Aim


  • Boost holy water refresh rate
  • Boost holy water damage
  • Carry more holy water
  • Heal your holy room
  • Holy room replacer


  • Don't touch the enemies!!!
  • Find a spot far away from the enemy spawning point to place your holy room
  • Place your holy room before the evil rises
  • Get all sheeps in your holy room


Made some small changes after the LD-Voting was finished!


ld37_win_1_1.zip 17 MB

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